2016. December Print

Kálmán Szász Prize

The Kálmán Szász Prize in 2016 was awarded to Attila Hunyadi PhD, associate professor (Department of Pharmacognosy, University of Szeged).

The Kálmán Szász Prize is named in honour of the prominent pharmacist and late Head of Phytochemistry Department, Richter Gedeon Plc. His work on phytochemical research and herbal medicine development was outstanding. The establishment of Kálmán Szász Prize (1 000 000 HUF) was initiated by Medicinal Plant Section of the Hungarian Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences, founded by Foundation for Hungarian Pharmaceutical Sciences and financed by Richter Gedeon Plc.

The Kálmán Szász Prize was established to honor and support young scientists who have made extraordinary progress working on medicinal plants (research, processing, product development, quality control, industry).

Research interests of Attila Hunyadi PhD are isolation of natural products and their “pharmacological activity oriented” chemical modification, which is novelty in Hungarian pharmacognosy. Dr. Hunyadi was analysing numerous species chemical content focusing mainly on ecdysetoriods and phenolic compounds, developing new isolation techniques and analytical methods. He is author of 45 publications published in peer reviewed journals (impact factor more than 110) reporting synthesis of 100 new semisynthetic ecdysteroids and 50 protoflavon derivatives.



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