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Student Science Study (TDK) Conference – 2016.

The TDK Conference of Faculty of Pharmacy was organised on March 10th 2016. Scientific results were presented by twenty pharmacy students. The Conference was opened by Dean Prof. Judit Hohmann. The Conference was presided over by Dr. István Zupkó associated professor of pharmacology.


Four of the students of Department of Pharmacognosy were awarded with prizes:

  • Tünde, Baracskay: Isolation of phenanthrenes with activity against resistant Staphylococcus aureus from Juncus inflexus (supervisors: Tóth Barbara, Andrea Vasas) – II. prize
  • Dóra Stefkó: Antibacterial screening of Rumex species and isolation of compounds with antimicrobial activity from R. aquaticus(supervisors: Orsolya Orbán-Gyapai, Andrea Vasas) – III. prize
  • Kristóf Bence Cank: A promising novel source of diterpene alkaloids: the Spiraea genus (supervisors: Tivadar Kiss, Dezső Csupor) -award

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