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Dóra Rédei - Outstanding TDK Supervisor

Dóra RÉDEI has been named Outstanding TDK Supervisor. Dr. Rédei recieved the certificate on July 8 during Pharmacy Graduation Ceremony.

Goodbye Class of 2017! Make us proud!



PSE Young Scientists' Meeting - Lille (France)

Prof. Hohmann Judit, Zoofishan, Isaadi Halima Meriem, Kiss Tivadar and Cank Kristóf attended the PSE Young Scientists’ Meeting in Lille (France) in June 28th-July 1th.

The following presentations were held by our colleagues:

  • Isaadi Halima Meriem, Krisztina Németh, Attila Hunyadi:
    Direct analysis of the formation of autoxidized derivatives of 20-hydroxyecdysone by capillary electrophoresis (oral presentation)
  • Tivadar Kiss, Botond Borcsa, Péter Orvos, László Tálosi, Judit Hohmann, Dezső Csupor:
    Selective inhibitory activity on cardiac GIRK channels of new semisynthetic lipo-alkaloids (oral presentation)
  • Kristóf Cank, Tivadar Kiss, Orsolya Orbán-Gyapai, Erika Liktor-Busa, Santa Rutkovska, Irena Pucka, Dezső Csupor:
    Phytochemical and pharmacological investigation of Spiraea chamaedryfolia (poster presentation)
  • Zoofishan, Norbert Kúsz, Zoltán Péter Zomborszki, Attila Csorba, Attila Hunyadi:
    Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme inhibition by phenolic compounds isolated from the root bark of Morus nigra (poster presentation)

IV. Levander Days

Zoltán Péter Zomborszki and Martin Vollár dressed in authentic vestments, presented the traditional monastic herbal medicines and gardens. This extraordinary presentation was organized by Botanical Garden within program called Lavender Days.


(Photos courtesy: SzegedMa)

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